Thinking biblically

Thinking Biblically is a podcast program that gives a bite-sized overview of the Christian faith. Listening to these programs is a requirement for church membership. 

  • episode 1: The doctrine of scripture

    In this episode the sixty-six books which comprise the Protestant Bible are considered, as well as the doctrine of Sola ScripturaClick here to download

  • episode : The Doctrine of God

    In this episode, Pastor Mike Burgos speaks about monotheism, God's attributes, and the doctrine of the Trinity. Click here to download.

    Click here to download a copy of the Nicene Creed.

  • episode 3: The Doctrine of Jesus Christ

    This episode is an overview of the person of Christ; his diety, humanity, pre-existence, two natures, and sacrificial life. Click here to download

    Click here to download the Definition of Chalcedon. 

  • episode 4: The doctrine of the Holy Spirit

    In this episode we will briefly consider what some groups say about the Spirit, and then we will look at an overview of the Bible's teaching on the Holy Spirit. Click here to download. 

  • episode 5: The doctrine of creation & the fall

    Creation in six days, God's goodness in creation, and the fall and its consequences on humanity are all discussed in this episode. Click here to download.

  • episode : the doctrine of salvation

    What is our spiritual state before Christ? This question, as well as how one is saved, and the imputation of the righteousness of Christ are discussed in this episode. Click here to download.

  • episode 7: The law of God

    Do the laws in the Old Testament apply to us today? What about the ten commandments? If I eat shrimp should I be worried? These and many other questions are addressed in the this episode. Click here to download.

  • episode 8: The doctrines of baptism & the Lord's supper & Giving

    In this episode the purpose, meaning, and mode of baptism, the Lord's Supper, and the Christian doctrine of sacrificial giving are considered. Click here to download.

  • episode 9: the doctrine of the church

    What is the church? How should it function? Who should run it? These questions and many more are considered in this episode. Click here to download.

  • episode 10: the doctrines of Gender & Marriage

    Is gender a judgement call? What about same-sex marriage? These issues and more are considered. Click here to download.

    Click here to read the Danvers Statement. 

    Click here to read the Nashville Statement.

  • episode 11: The doctrines of the intermediate state, the return of christ, & the final judgement

    What happens when we die? What is the intermediate state? Are there gradations of punishments in hell and rewards in heaven? When will Jesus come back? In this episode we consider these things and more. Click here to download.

  • Episode 12: Is church membership biblical

    Pastor Mike Ambrose address the biblical nature of church membership and its necessity. Click here to download. 

    Click here for a membership application.