Biblical Counseling

Counseling is a conversation where one party with questions, problems, and(or) difficulty seeks assistence from someone we believe has answers, solutions, and help. NHCC offers biblical counseling services for anyone in need. 

What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical Counseling is distinct from psychology, psychaitry, integrationism, and other counseling methodologies in that we believe God's Word to be sufficient to provide all of the instruction and information we need to live well-adjusted and joy-filled lives. Biblical counselors take a compassionate, faithful, and God-honoring approach to counseling problems, whether interpersonal problems, physical trials, or problems of the heart. God's Word is filled with all that is needed for the cure of souls. 

FAQs About Counseling at NHCC

  • There is never a charge for counseling. 
  • Being part of a healthy and Bible-believing church is an integral part of the Christian life and is necessary for our spiritual flourishing. Participating in regular fellowship in a church is an essential part of the care offered in biblical counseling. If you are interested in receiving biblical counseling, you must attend a local church. If you do not belong to a church, we ask that you attend NHCC. 
  • If you are currently under the care of another counselor, we ask that you conclude meeting with that counselor prior to your first session of biblical counseling. Recieving counsel that is contradictory is unhelpful and unwise. 
  • At any time during counseling, for reasons sufficient to himself, the counselor as also the counselee, shall have the option of terminating counseling. 
  • Counseling Intake Packets must be submitted prior to your first appointment. 
  • You'll need a Bible and a pen/paper for each session. If you do not own a Bible one will be provided to you gratis. 
  • All counseling is confidential in accordance with our Counseling Confidentiality Agreement. 

For more information on biblical counseling visit the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors or contact our office. 

Schedule a counseling appointment by calling our office at 860-201-4601 or by email

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